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Modes for novices as well as advanced users

Support for RGB and Grayscale images with 8-bit and 16-bit per channel

64-bit version for Windows & MacOS X


Automatic calculation of effective denoising settings by measuring noise or evaluating EXIF data.

Effectively removes image noise and other artifacts while preserving details and photographic quality

Full manual control over the denoising



Full scripting and smart filter support

Batch processing with the help of actions or scripts

Fast rendering by supporting multi-core CPUs and detecting your CPU's L2/L3 cache


Apply different noise reduction settings to shadows, midtones, highlights and nine color areas.

Use the eyedropper tool (which shows a hand/arrow cursor when dragging) to selectively change the settings of certain image areas in the preview


Split View feature for visually comparing and choosing different denoising settings

Three preview tab sheets for quickly comparing and adjusting three versions of the image

Sophisticated sharpening and saturation options for enhancing the image


View luminance and color channels separately to better fine-tune the denoising

Save your own presets for different cameras and ISO values and make NoiseControl automatically choose them

For fast preview updates display the denoising effect only in a region that was selected with the preview limit tool.


Four tools for various preview related tasks

Navigator tool for quickly displaying another image area in the preview

Preview zoom between 6% and 3200%


Copyright (c) 2000 - 2009 by Harald Heim