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Version History



MacOS X Version 1.08 (Installer Update) - June 2016

  • Support for installation in Photoshop Elements 14
  • Support for installation in Serif Affinity Photo. You may have to activate "Allow unknown plugins to be used" check box under Affinity Photo > Preferences > Photoshop Plugins in order to make the plugins appear on the Filter > Plugins sub menu.


Windows Version 1.09 (December 2015)

  • Support for HiDPI
    • The UI-Scaling-Preview-Cutoff problem in Photoshop CC 2014/2015 and Photoshop Elements 13/14 was fixed. However, the Soft Proof effect is not visible in the preview anymore if UI Scaling is active.
    • The positions of some control were readjusted for high dpi settings.
    • Larger cursors
  • Double clicking the hand tool activates Fit zoom.
  • Improved installation:
    • Three less clicks are necessary, because the language, start menu and ready pages are not displayed anymore.
    • There are no separate Start menu folders added for different versions anymore. So better uninstall previous and demo versions before installing new/full versions.
    • Under Windows 8 & 10 there are even less icons with better names installed on the All Apps section of the Start menu to avoid clutter.
    • Please uninstall from the Control Panel as the uninstall icon is not added to the Start menu anymore.
    • Plugin Installer supports HiDPI


MacOS X Version 1.08 (October 2015)

  • Requires OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Support for Retina displays and HiDPI under OS X 10.7 and higher
  • The Fit zoom option now uses zoom levels below 6% in order to fit very big images into the preview.


Windows Version 1.08 (October 2014)

  • Support for processing images larger than 30,000 pixels in witdh or height. Processing such big images works fine in Photoshop even with the 32-bit plugin.
  • The Fit zoom option now uses zoom levels below 6% in order to fit very big images into the preview.
  • The installation file and Plugin Installer are signed now to avoid potential problems with security software.
  • The installation offers 46 instead of 21 languages.
  • Plugin Installer now displays "Photoshop CC 2014" instead of "Photoshop CC2". It also supports Photoshop Elements 13 64-bit, Paint Shop Pro X6/X7 64-bit, Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS5.1. The broken support for Photoshop CS2 was fixed. "Photoshop CS7" was renamed to "Photoshop CC".
  • After the plugin dialog appears the Enter key now always applies the effect and the Esc key always cancels the plugin. Previously it sometimes only worked after clicking a control.
  • Bug Fix: When using the Enter key instead of clicking the OK button, the settings were not saved.
  • Bug Fix: If the window is larger than the available screen size, it is made smaller.
  • Bug Fix: Normal window size was not restored after exiting two times with maximized window.
  • Bug Fix: Distorted controls after starting with maximized window
  • Bug Fix: Switching between 200%/100% and 6%/Fit zoom did not work with cursor keys or mouse wheel.
  • Bug Fix: The eyedropper tool did not work at preview zooms other than 100%.
  • Bug Fix: Navigator thumbnail dragging does not displays 100% image at lower zoom ratios anymore.
  • Bug Fix: On first run the german language was not set on german systems.
  • Bug Fix: No memory error message anymore when applying them to a layer in PSP X3 or higher.
  • Bug Fix: The Auto Preset startup option now also works if the plugin window is not displayed. But it only works with a self-saved preset and if the plugin window was already displayed in the Photoshop session.
  • Bug Fix: The Auto Preset startup option is not overridden by scripting values anymore.
  • Bug Fix: Eyedropper works correctly for 16-bit images now.
  • Bug Fix: A 1-pixel-preview-rectangle is automatically deactivated. This avoid a memory error message.
  • Bug Fix: Some memory was not freed.
  • Bug Fix: Crash for >100% zoom with 8-bit image layer.
  • Bug Fix: Crash for >100% zoom with fixed transparency plus selection. But there is still a bad preview for fixed transparency with selection.
  • Bug Fix: Divison by zero error when running NoiseControl in a virtual machine, which also caused the CPU cache not to be shown on the Prefs tab sheet.


MacOS X Version 1.02 (January 2013)

  • Support for Photoshop Elements 11
  • Support for GraphicConverter 8.2 and higher


MacOS X Plugin Version 1.01 (June 2012)

  • The plugin now appears on "The Plugin Site" sub menu of the Filter menu. Previously it appeared on the PhotoWiz sub menu.
  • Bug Fix: Does not crash Photoshop CS6 anymore
  • Fit and 100% zoom buttons were added at the left of the zoom controls. To comply with Photoshop the - zoom button is now on the left and the + zoom button on the right.
  • Bug Fix: Entering "-" in a slider edit box previously changed preview zoom
  • The preview and navigator backgrounds are not white anymore. They are as gray as the window background.
  • Pressing the Esc key cancels the plugin
  • The blue focus rectangle now vanishes from a slider text box when you click on a slider or other control.
  • The arrow down buttons have a more modern look
  • Bug Fix: The eyedropper tool now works at preview zooms other than 100%.
  • Bug Fix: The language is now correctly set at startup
  • Bug Fix: Dragging on the Navigator thumbnail previously displayed a 100% image at other zoom ratios.
  • Bug Fix: When you enlarging the window the Split View combo and the Multi check box moved away from each other.


MacOS X Plugin Version 1.0 (July 2011)

  • First release based on the Windows version 1.01. However, the plugin appears on the "PhotoWiz" sub menu of the Filter menu.


Windows Plugin Version 1.01 (June 2011)

  • The plugin now appears on "The Plugin Site" sub menu of the Filters menu (and not on the "PhotoWiz" sub menu anymore).
  • UI improvements:
    • Shift clicking on a tab button resets all control of the tab sheet to default values.
    • New standard title bar instead of a graphical one. The last opened preset is displayed in the title bar.
    • Smoother and faster window resizing
    • No more black check box backgrounds in PSP X2 and X3.
    • The + and - zoom buttons were swapped for conformity with Photoshop.
    • Double clicking a slider label only updates the preview if the slider value was changed. Additionally the focus is set to the slider.
    • Some group box text was moved to the check boxes to avoid problems e.g. with non-standard system font.
    • The number of CPUs was added to the "Multi-CPU Off" check box on the Prefs Tab sheet.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • At more than 100% zoom previously some parts of the image were not displayed in preview.
    • The split views are now displayed correctly at more than 100% zoom.
    • The grain effect previously exhibited a stripe pattern on multi-core cpus.
    • The navigator did not update when scrolling or zooming the preview.
    • Advanced Mode was shown even if Easy Mode was applied previously.
    • The Auto Sample option of Prefs > On Start Up did not work in all host applications.
    • The color values on the Info tab do not flicker anymore when moving the mouse over the preview
    • It was possible to make the window of the demo version smaller than that of the full version.
  • Installation:
    • The installation now creates a new folder, start menu group for each new version. This makes it easier to have multiple versions installed and allows you to remove older versions without problems after installing a newer one. Please manually remove older versions from the Start > All Programs > The Plugin Site menu.


Windows Plugin Version 1.0 (May 2011)

  • First Release

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