Mutation CD

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Mutation CD

Post by Rowdy »

Hey what's this folks? This ain't original textures, thats randomly made textures from KPT Studio version 3.

Can you be more lame than that guys!?

COME ON! :-?


Re : Mutation Textures

Post by cybia »

Sorry that you don't like these textures! Yes, I know they are kind of old now ... they were made some time ago.

It's easy for anyone to make their own textures like these with many different plugin filters or standalone generators ... that's not really the point. The aim is to give a CD full of ready-made ones that are for immeadiate use. It's a time-saving thing.

I realise there isn't a big market for these CD's but people are still buying them for the moment so I'll keep them available for a while. Of course if no-one buys then I'll remove the CD's from sale eventually.

I don't expect to get any praise for these products and I expect the odd bad comment. So I am well aware that some people will think they are rubbish! It's a matter of taste and opinion.

Harry, if you'd rather stop selling these for any bad feeback you receive then I fully understand.

Hope that at least some of your buyers out there will have found them useful anyway!

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Post by HaraldHeim »

The above comment was the first bad feedback that I ever received about the Abstraction/Mutation CD, so I think this guy was just a bit envious that he didn't have the idea to sell a texture CD himself :-).

Of course textures collection aren't that popular as plugins, but more than 100 people have already found the Mutation/Abstraction CDs useful and bought them. So I see no reason to stop offering them.

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