Two Plugins That Hang Up Photoshop CS5 BADLY...

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Two Plugins That Hang Up Photoshop CS5 BADLY...

Postby DBKettrey » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:36 pm

Hi Harald. I haven't been able to figure out why two older 32-bit plugins run fine in Photoshop Elements 11 and in the current version of IrfanView , but hang up Photoshop CS5 (32-bit) for several minutes. The two plugins are the old Topaz "Vivacity" and Pixel Vista's "EasySharp". Of course, Vivacity was dropped by Topaz long ago; and the 'current' version of EasySharp is years old, yet Elements 11 and IrfanView handle both plugins quite well. But not so with CS5.

After first installing either or both the plugins in CS5, the program hangs up for a few minutes during the "Scanning For Plugins..." stage, taking far longer than it normally would when reading any other new plugin. Eventually, CS5 progresses to the "Initializing" stage, which also takes minutes to complete. After dragging out the total process for several minutes, CS5 finally launches, and the plugin(s) DO show up in the Filters menu.

Once CS5 has gotten its initial hang-ups out of the way, subsequent launches of the program go quickly.

But the CS5 freeze-up problem appears again every time I try to launch either of those plugins on an takes minutes for either plugin's interface to appear. Nonetheless, the plugins do eventually complete their tasks.

Do you have any idea why these two plugins hang-up so long in Photoshop CS5 while running fine in Elements 11 and IrfanView? I believe that those plugins could run fine in CS5 if I knew how to fix whatever is interfering with them.

FocalBlade is my main sharpening filter, but I will also use EasySharp in some situations. Unfortunately, I have to switch programs to use it because I don't want to sit and wait and wait for the filter to work in CS5.

Thank you, Harald!
DB Kettrey

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