Released Zoom Engine plugin (for enlargements)

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Released Zoom Engine plugin (for enlargements)

Postby mehdi » Wed Nov 23, 2005 5:08 am

i've just released this new plug:Zoom Engine a Photoshop-compatible plugin for enlarging images. It
features a handy interface, many interpolation options (lanczos with any kernel size, customizable
bicubic!) including an unique and intelligent new interpolation method CZ2 which allows to get high
quality enlargement; but just judge by yourself and look at the four comparisons examples done
between CZ2, Photoshop bicubic, Photozooom and pxl SmartScale available here:
Note that Zoom Engine is a drastically improved version of its predecessor Quick Enlarger. It's a
totally "new coating and gearbox", thus it's really worth to take a look at the new demo. Again
everything is here:

Zoom Engine costs only 35$. I'll greatly appreciate any feedback.:wink:

cheers Mehdi

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