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Postby guest » Tue Oct 01, 2002 4:18 pm

i just want to do a perspective correction. once i worked with a program called barco creator which has a tool called warp to do this. an adjustable grid can be placed over the image - after that the target points have to be fixed - thats all.in photoshop i can only find the transform or 3d transform tools which - when complexity increases - are absolutely not able to manage this. is there a plug-in which can handle this?
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Postby HaraldHeim » Wed Oct 02, 2002 5:53 pm

There is an plugin called LensDoc from Andromeda which claims to do perspective correction, but I only managed to use their rotation feature sucessfully so far. The perspective feature doesn't seem to do perspective corrections as it should do. So I can't recommend it for that purpose.

Currently I use Photoshop to do perspective corrections to photos. Of course a plugin would be easier, but Photoshop lets you do the job, too.

Here is how:

1. Turn the photo into a layer by double clicking it in the Layers palette.

2. Choose Transform > Skew from the Edit menu.

3. Add some horizontal and vertical guide lines and place them in a way that they represent the correct perspective.

4. Drag the corner handles to until the "lines" in the image match the blue guide lines. Drag the corner handles outside the image to avoid that you have to crop the image later.

5. When everything looks fine double click the image to apply the changes.

Please notice that if the perspective distortion angle is too high, the corrected image will look a bit surreal. Better to keep the perspective distortion in that case or to correct the image only a slightly.

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