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Custom Vector Halftone Plugin

Postby jkstudio » Tue Jan 16, 2007 6:39 pm

We are a New York City art studio looking to have a custom Photoshop plugin written. We are looking for a programmer who would be able to create a custom plugin or a stand alone product with the same result. We work in CS2 in OSX 10.4 and would prefer this product be Mac based.

We use an effect on our artworks which is based on the stock Adobe Photoshop “Color Halftone” filter. We then export this artwork and paint it using vinyl masks, separately masking each color. In order to do this we must vectorize the halftone pattern manually. We have tried automated (streamline, autotrace..) vectorization, but these create unwanted artifacts, funky intersections, and not quite circular circles. I have included a description of our process below and a sample image of an area of one of the paintings which utilizes the halftone effect.

Ideally, we would like to create a plug-in or program that would automate this process. It could use the “Color Halftone” effect and supply us with the results in a vector format, or if it generates it’s own halftone the results must be absolutely identical to that of the Adobe filter. The answer may lie in the Adobe Photoshop halftone filter itself. It seems likely that in the process of the filter’s computation of the image, the “dots” of the halftone must exist in the program as perfect mathematical circles which then are rendered into the bitmapped effect. It may be possible to base a plug-in on this already extant process that would export vector based circles? The remainder of our process could be accomplished with a relatively simple script.

Bear in mind that this description is very precise. I need the exact adobe color halftone effect in precise vectors. We need to generate registering masks of 6-10 different colors. The circles must be perfectly geometrical.

We are under some deadline pressure and need to generate a working solution as soon as possible. If you are interested in this project please be ready to take it on immediately.
See this other forum thread for a little discussion about what we are looking for: ... essage7265


Mathieu Victor

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