Looking for a unusual plugin...any bored developers here?

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Markus Hornum-Stenz
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Looking for a unusual plugin...any bored developers here?

Postby Markus Hornum-Stenz » Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:39 pm


I have a good friend who paints on large PS prints. He has presented me with something of a challenge. As I am neither a PS user nor a hardcore developer, I pass the challenge on:

Does anyone know of a existing plugin - alternatively would like to write one - that can provide the following info whenever a mask is made (by lassoing or otherwise):

1. How big a percentage of the total area is currently selected (This ought to be fairly simple it seems)

2. Some kind of measurement of the total length of the mask border (this one seems quite a bit harder to nail)


Kindly Markus

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