Batching To A Specific File Size

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Batching To A Specific File Size

Postby megatoon » Sat Jan 10, 2004 1:49 am

Batching To A Specific File Size
I've been pouring over PS's batching features. But haven't found away to batch an image to a specific file size.

I've 8000+ images to batch into to thumbs and details. However they need to have a maxiumum file size. In this case

640x480 JPEG Max file size 35K
110 x 83 Max size 5KB

I've tried save for web, but it's not that acurrate. Some files are over 35k while others are well below it.

Anyone know of a way to specify 35k to be the maximum file size for all images? So I get the minimum compression per image.

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