Request for a little Linux love ;)

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Re: Request for a little Linux love ;)

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ardklg wrote:So here's Part One of my request: Would you consider making a version of your plugins compatible with Bibble? ... And I suspect that offering this functionality within Bibble would attract a whole new set of PhotoWiz customers (since Bibble is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac).
I had such requests before, but I rejected them. The main reason is that Bibble is used by relatively few people compared to Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom and other tools. But even if there would be a Bibble version of the PhotoWiz plugins, I do not think there would be a Linux version, because there is an even smaller market for a Linux-based Bibble plugin.
Now for Part Two: Krita seems poised to be the retouching tool of choice for digital photographers on the Linux platform. ... They won't implement .8bf due to Adobe's licensing restrictions, but they do have an open plugin architecture. So here's a secondary request to also consider adapting the plugins for use in Krita as well.
If the Krita developers would implement support for .8bf files with the help of an earlier version of the Photoshop SDK, there would be no license restrictions. But they would still need to make Windows Photoshop plugins work with it.

Sorry, but I guess I will never develop any Linux software. First of all, I never used Linux before and do not intend to use it. Secondly, I do not think that Linux is a platform for developing commercial software. Maybe I am wrong, but I think that most Linux users expect to get software for free.

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