The grain size in the BW and Colour Stylers

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The grain size in the BW and Colour Stylers

Post by DDR »

We all know that PhotoWiz Apps are unbeatable among the other similar software in the part of the ability to change all the photo parameters by the user. However, while working with BW Styler and Colour Styles during a month, I met a problem I like to report on the PhotoWiz developer.

This is the size of film grain.

When working with DxO Film Pack, I see the grain size is linked to the pattern size of the image. Namely, the grain size (at each single fixed ISO) is connected to the "film" frame: 24x36, medium, etc. This is as it should be in a real film or its digital emulation: small film frame looks more granary while bigger film size -- smaller granary, at the same ISO. In contrast, while working withBW Styler and Colour Styler, I should choose the grain size by the moving the grain size slider according to my "visual nativity". Setting up the ISO sensitivity does not means something definite but only lifts/lowers the grain size without any connexion to the pattern size. This is because the Apps do not manifest a connexion between the particular film frame and grain size.

A little better than in BW Styler, this situation appears in Colour Styler wherein I can select the grain size connected to a particular film type chosen from the list provided by Colour Styler. But this extended option as well does not resolves the aforementioned problem, because there is not a connexion between the grain size (ISO) and the film pattern size (full frame 24x36, medium 6x6, large formats...).

This is not a complaint but only my native note made while working with BW Styler and Colour Styler. I have no idea how the software is constructed. I therefore only manifest the particular problem in the hope that it may appear to be interesting to the PhotoWiz developer. Thank you.

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Re: The grain size in the BW and Colour Stylers

Post by HaraldHeim »

Thanks for your comment. You are right. At the moment there is no option for choosing a film size, so that the grain size is automatically calculated in relation to the current image size. Such a feature will be added in a future update as well as film grain presets that make use of it.

BWStyler and ColorStyler were developed with an emphasis on more creative usage of film effects. For example, you are able to combine the spectrum response or color look of one film with the grain of another film, which is not possible in most other products of this type. But I understand that some people want to produce film simulations that are as precise as possible. So a film size feature as well as more precise film presets will be added with the next update.

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