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CW2 - save/see choices

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I like the new CW2 - thanks Harold. There's a couple of comments and one thing I'd like to see. Firstly, while I like what CW2 does, I'm worried that I can't as easily see the effects of what I'm doing compared with my normal workflow in PS. For example, to add a stop or so in PS I'll blend a luminence-based selection. I know exactly what is happening and where by doing this, firstly because I know what the blend mode is doing and secondly because I have an adjustment layer (and mask) I can play with later, altering opacity etc. I see there's EV change in CW2 and lots I can play with but I have little idea of exactly what it is doing to what pixels based on my choices of exposure fix type, sensitivity etc. Oh, I can see the coarse results in the picture but it's much harder when looking at the pixel level.

What I would like to do is put more of CW in my workflow, rather than just trying to fix a simple colour cast. What would pursuade me greatly would be to have the various results reflected on (something like) adjustment layer(s) so I could tweak them later.

In line with this, and very important, is that I would like to be able to come back and make slight changes/fixes later. I typically save a PSD with multiple layers and can come back later and know exactly what's happening with that image. With CW, FB and other filters (e.g. NeatImage, FocusMagic), per-image details aren't kept so all I have is the pre-CW image (hopefully saved) and the post-CW image. I don't know what CW settings were used. The best would be to have these associated with an adjustment layer when returning to PS. I don't need to see the settings outside of CW, just so when I edit the PSD I can return to CW with the settings I used for that file and make some changes from those settings - not from default or the last time I used CW. if it's not possible to do this, can CW/FB work like Capture One and save the settings for the image to a separate file easily, and look for those settings the next time it is started with that image? The latter is nowhere near as good, but is a possible stopgap.



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No comment? Stupid idea? go away? It'll be in the next version? How about just an acknowledgement...

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Post by HaraldHeim »

Sorry, seems I overlooked that post. I use the forum to look for new posts, but in this case it must have suppressed this post.

Unfortunately Photoshop doesn't support adjustment layer plugins. So there is no plugin available that can do what you want. I recently wrote them and asked them to support such plugins (and several other plugin types) in the next version of Photoshop, but I haven't received a reply so far.

At the moment the only thing you can do is to duplicate a layer and apply ColorWasher to that layer. That way you still have the original image as another layer and can exchange the duplicated layer with the original layer again.

ColorWasher 2.01 will have a optional feature that will automatically log the settings that were applied to a certain image. When you run ColorWasher again on the same image, it will automatically open the settings that were used the last time for this image. I hope that will help you using ColorWasher more conveniently.

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