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FocalBlade standalone demo

Post by ScottO »


I downloaded and installed the standalone 2.01 demo for Windows. However, when following along with the Step By Step guide, it says to press OK as the last step in a given procedure. I don't see any OK button, and when I save, the image appears to be the same as the original except for added watermarks. What am I missing?

Running on 64bit Win7 home premium.

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Re: FocalBlade standalone demo

Post by HaraldHeim »

The OK button is only available for the Photoshop plugin and Lightroom external editor. In the standalone the equivalent of the OK button is the "Save As" button/menu item as you already found out. I will fix that in the manual of the upcoming 2.02 update. Thanks for the hint!

When saving or batching images with the standalone demo, watermarks are always added. That is the case for all demo versions. The full versions do not have that.

Maybe you only used a very slight sharpening, so that it was hardly visible in the saved image. Or maybe you did not look with 100% zoom at the saved image, so that the downscaling softened away the sharpening effect. I just made a test myself with the FocalBlade standalone demo and clearly saw the sharpening in the saved file.

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