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Re: help maybe ?

Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 2:13 pm
by HaraldHeim
I know thats not considered art, and have been told many times from "real" artists any monkey can paste pics and use effects from Photoshop or Psp.
Comparing the use of filter effects to monkey drawings is a bit odd and tells me that your "real" artist friends have no idea about digital imaging. Traditional artists may make jokes about digital imaging, but that only shows their inflexibility to use a new and exciting medium.

I know a lot of people that use digital image effects in a very artistic way to produce pieces of art that are very unique.

Basically my gift for her was going to be a picture she has from a favorite artist of hers, that i change to fit her Everquest character. Unfortunately her character has white hair and the picture has dark blue.

Was wondering if there were any presets (.lmp) that are available to DL , would be nice lil feature if there weren't. I saw that you put dark blue to white is very difficult, you guys are pros, so is my gift idea basically a pipe dream for an amatuer ?
The preset for turning blue to white will be available in the next LightMachine version. I could send you the preset, but you probably would have to adjust it to your image.

Anyway, if you send me the image in which you try to turn the blue hair to white hair, I can try myself on it and send you the resulting preset. Just send the image to harry(AT) (Replace the (AT) with @).

p.s. If this happens to be some forum where amatuers arent allowed to speak in your high and mighty presence then just delete it. I'll just figure out what i can on my own. Just becasue one is blessed with a talent, that doesn't make you better than anyone else, and it sure as hell don't give you the right to judge or belittle. I may not be able to draw my way out of paper bag, but i'll put up a grand against any of you in a race to 5, i'll even toss in the 2 and 8 balls to make it fair, or we can play 8 ball and i'll play with one hand.

Sorry bout that btw a lil tired of asking for some help and gettin alot of needless and uncalled for attitude.
Sounds like you made some bad experiences with people who think they are pros or artists, but are loosers concering their social attitude :-). All pros have begun as amateurs, but it seems some of them have already forgotten that. Talent isn't everything. To become a good artist you need much more hard work than talent. Hard work can make up for less talent in many cases.