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the Machine..

Post by Roleg »

Sorry if I seem to complan too much.
But as I use the programs Blade and Machine, I discover new little quirks,
possibly my own :wink:

Now in LightM I discovered that if in Shadows/Highlights mode I try to fine-tune the Brightness by altering the figures,nothing happens in the preview.
I happened to try it because I found it difficult to use the slider for small adjustments.
But I also dicovered that if I clicked on the slider,the preview was refreshed. Have to remember that.

Leif G.

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Post by HaraldHeim »

I appreciate your feedback. You seem to notice the small details, which shows that you are quite interested.

After you entered a value in a slider text box you need to press the Enter key to make the preview update. I use the Tab key though, because it is more convenient for me with my left hand free.

Clicking on the slider bar to the left or right of the slider knob is the best method to change slider values by a -10 or +10, which is a good stepping value. The arrows only change it by -1 or +1 which is often too small to see a difference, so they are better only used for absolute precision.

Maybe I'm taking both things too much for granted and should mention them in the manual. But I don't know if many people will actually read it there.

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