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Post by plugsnpixels »

My first thought is to work with two duplicate layers. Keep the bottom one in the original color, then treat the top one with B/W Styler. Erase the area of the top layer where you want color from the bottom layer to show through, using a brush with appropriate hardness or softness for the subject matter.

Flatten the result.
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Post by HaraldHeim »

What plugsnpixels suggests is for images with image areas of very similar color. In such cases B/W Styler won't let you add back color to specific image areas.

Nevertheless for many images you can do it in B/W Styler directly, which is much easier. You need to do the following:

1. Switch to Selective B/W mode.
2. Click one of the Red, Orange ... Magenta icons. For example if you want to add back the color to previously red areas in the image, please click the Red icon.
3. Usually you now need to adjust the effect to the image. To do that please click on the image area in the preview which you want to have colored.
4. Now move the Limit slider (usually to the left) to limit the color to a certain area.
5. Sometimes you need to click again on the preview and adjust the Limit slider again until you are satisfied.

If the result is not what you want, you need to use the method suggested by plugsnpixels. It means more work, but also offers more control.

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