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BW Styler 2: the new generation software

Post by DDR »

I just downloaded BW Styler 2, and started the testing of it. Now, just a few word on. At first glance, this is a completely new generation of the software, because so many principal changes. Three amazing changes go to the eyes immediately:

1. The new GUI.
-- It allows do not "keep in mind" the effects before to apply (as we do it when applying PS actions), but to see the expected result in a small preview window. I mean the "Easy" mode, which then, after the desired effect chosen can be switched to "photography" mode, and so forth for the change/correction of the parameters of the preset.
-- The new, skinable window of the GUI. It provides much, much more camfortable conditions for the viewing of the picture under editing, without the making of the eyes tired in the case of the many-hour work with it (compared to the GUI of BW Styler 1).

2. The completely re-bult engine of the BW toning.
-- In the past, there was only two major parameters to change the chosen tint effect. To be exact, they do not allowed to modify the tinting colour because once changed, the colour tone itself changed as well. Now, this situation has been improved to better in principle. The new BW toning engine allows not only the tuning of the single colour tint, without the change of the colour, but also allows double-colour and other effects.
-- Especially, I point out the "Aging" presets and engine. It allows the unique possibility to produce the tinted photograph from a colour image without the complete vanish of the colour. As a result, we obtain not plain BW toned photographs, but something artistic containing all the basic colours of the source photo, faded to the initial saturation, plus the major tinting effect as we regularly do it with the BW photographs. No other software contains such an engine.

3. The develop presets. They are so many that I did not survey all them, experimentally, for yet. This is the great preference of BW Styler 2 which could attract mass users to the software. In the current state, BW Styler exceeds the number of develop presets of both DxO FilmPack, Tiffen Dfx, and Nik Soft in common. The quality of the develop presets is extremely high.

I also could point out the extensions of the film details, and many others. But it needs much more time for the testing than the one night I did.

With all the advantages, BW Styler remains extremely fast-in-work. There is not such a fast photo-software among the BW conversion/development software such as those of Nik Soft, Topaz Lab (most striking software), etc.

I would strictly recommend to announce BW Styler 2 on (maybe with a discount coupon as the major photo-software developers do). This new internet resource rises the popularity very rapidly, and I receive many weekly goods from it. I think this is the proper way how to distribute any PhotoWiz apps in the future.

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Re: BW Styler 2: the new generation software

Post by HaraldHeim »

Thanks for your kind comments!

One correction: The Aging effect does not add any color to the b&w image. It makes the image look old by adding particles that look like dirt, abrasion, water damage etc. To add color you can either use the Colorkey effect, the Mask effect or the brush tool.

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