Minor Bug Report on Harry's Filters 3.0

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Minor Bug Report on Harry's Filters 3.0

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I think Harry's Filters 3.0 is a cool program. Nice look and usability. I hope this bug report is helpful. This post is specificly for Harry, but others may find it helpful.

This bug occored while using Harry's Filters 3.0 with Microsoft Image Composer 1.5. I suspect it would not occur in PhotoShop and others.

When I first installed Harry's Filters 3.0, it worked fine while I tried applying different filters. After I put a check in the Instant Preview box, it did not give me an instant prewiew, so I took out the check mark then applied a filter. The next time I went to A plug in like Eye Candy, after I selected the filter, it immedeately applied the filter without bringing up the filter adjustment box, as though I had used the "Repeat Last Plug-In" choice from the Plug-Ins menu.

After fooling around with it for a while, I found these things.
Wheneve I apply a filter with Harry's Filters 3.0, the next time I try to use a Plug-In, it will apply without bring up the dialog/settings box, therefore if I try continuosly to use Harry's Filters 3.0 it never brings up the settings box because it has always just applied a filter from Harry's Filters and causes Image Composer to want to immediately apply the next time I try to sue a plug in.

If I go to another plug in after using Harry's Filters 3.0, like eye candy, it will immediately apply the the filter first time without bringing up the settings box. The next time I use eye candy, or any other plug in, it will work fine.

Exit Image Composer and restarting, also makes the plug ins work fine.

Basicly, after applying a filter from Harry's Filters 3.0 the next time I try to use a plug in, it skips the settings box and immediately applies the plug in, so Harry's Filters 3.0 seems to be setting flag, upon exit, which makes the next plug in immediately apply. Also, since Instant Preview doesn't work in Image Composer 1.5, and this problem did not occur until I tried using Instant Preview, I suspect that fixing Instant Preview will solve the problem

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Maybe you are not aware what Instant Preview does. If it is activated and you move a slider, the preview is immediatelly updated. Otherwise the preview is only updated after you released the slider knob.

Image Composer is quite old and not that compatible, so I'm not suprised that some plugins cause problems. The problems you experienced may just be temporary or may be produced by other plugins, too. I don't know what in Harry's Filters should cause another plugin to apply without showing the dialog. There must be internal problem in Image Composer. It calls the second plugin differently, that's why the dialog isn't shown.


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Thank you once again for creating Herry's Filters, and for answering my post.

I did not know that Image Composer 1.5 was so old, so I checked but I found out that it came out in 1998 or so. In software, that is pretty old.

I tried Instant Preview and it does work, so the only bug is that when I apply a filter using Harry's Filters 3.0, it sets some kind of flag or bit which causes Image Composer to immediately apply any plug in from the plug in menu without bringing up the plug in's adjustment window. This is something I can live with. It is no big deal.

Should there be problems with other programs using Harry's Filters, here's some technical information to help track down the problem.
My operating system is Windows 2000 service pack 4
Processor is AMD K5 500 MHz.
Only this plug in causes the next plug in to apply without bring up the settings window for the next plug in.

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