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Premier Pro Compatibility

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Is there a version of Harrys Filters/grads that works with Premiere Pro. I used the Harrys Grads back in 2001 for a project in Premiere 6ish where I was able to use one of the plugins to achieve a concert lighting effect. The effect allowed for colour changes via keyframes that blended together. It looked like various different colour lights on the footage It may have been the rave effect). I would like to achieve this same effect for a project I am doing now. I cant remember what effect I used and I can't get the Harrys to run in Premiere Pro. I get a error message of "the ordinal 275 could not be located in the dynamic link lybrary PREMINFO.dll" when I load Premiere Pro.


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Sorry, Harry's Filters onlyworks in Premiere 4 to 6.5. However, we offer a commercial product called Plugin Galaxy for AE, which works in Premiere Pro. Plugin Galaxy is basically the commerical version of Harry's Filters, so you will probably be able to produce the same effect with it in Premiere Pro.

You can download the demo version at
and see if is useful for your project.

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