I cant see shared plugins

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I cant see shared plugins

Postby alcalino » Wed Feb 07, 2007 12:28 am

Hi. Sorry for the beginer cuestions in a bad spelled english.
My mision. Work in final cut with all my plugins.
My problem i installed them and i cant see them all.

So few months ago i installed everything and all worked perfectly. specially my DFT 55mm plugisn for the video proces. Then i had to fomrat the mac. Now im trying to install everything again but now. i cant see the plugins. they are installed in my HD/Library/APP Suport/Final cut/plugins folder. Some of them work well. other where gray icons with the word exec on them. then installed After Efects and they changed the icon into the plug logo of AF. Still they dont work in Final Cut. I ve been reading bout this. They should work i think. its said that after efects plugins work in final cut. They have worked in my station before.

My theory is that there is a proces in the instalation of aplications and plugins and i have not found yet this proces so the plugins dont work

That till now is my theory so please if theres any idea. tanx.

Using FCP 5,1,2
anbd AEfects: 6,5 i think
Boris too
Tanx Gurus
Ur student

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