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ActionsXXL empowers Photoshop Elements users to create, record, play and save Photoshop actions. ActionsXXL also offers a Batch feature for automatically processing multiple documents or image files with actions, scripts and other features. ActionsXXL plays actions 30% faster than Photoshop Elements itself and plays actions created for Photoshop, which would otherwise not work in Photoshop Elements, with the help of ElementsXXL. ActionsXXL works in Photoshop Elements 6 and higher.



Photoshop actions contain recordings of image editing steps, which can be automatically applied to other images. So they help to save a great amount of time when having to perform the same editing steps on multiple images. They are also a great means to help novices achieve professional results and educate them.

Photoshop Element 6 to 11 contain no UI options for opening and running actions, Photoshop Element 11 to 14 include an Actions panel, which is limited to opening and playing actions. ActionsXXL takes it one big step further by enabling its users to also create, record, organize and save actions as well as applying them during batch processing.

ActionsXXL is displayed as a floating panel window in Photoshop Elements 6-14, but can also take over the Actions panel of Photoshop Elements 11-14. So it seamlessly integrates into the UI of Photoshop Elements and enhances its workflow.


Main Features

ActionsXXL allow recording most features of Photoshop Elements. It also supports recording image editing steps performed with our ElementsXXL, LayersXXL and FilterHub plugins, which enhance the feature set of Photoshop Elements. Conditional action steps enable playing other actions depending on 24 predefined conditions. Additionally message dialogs, paths, scripts and adjustment layers can be inserted into actions.

ActionsXXL can play Photoshop actions 30% faster than Photoshop Elements itself without cluttering the History panel. With the help of ElementsXXL it can even play back actions that were recorded in Photoshop, which would not run in Photoshop Elements otherwise. ActionsXXL also offers a button mode for running actions with the click of a button. Assigning one of 44 key shortcuts makes it possible to run actions even faster.

ActionsXXL allows creating new sets of actions, moving actions between sets, duplicating action steps across actions, editing recorded action steps, saving them to .atn Photoshop action files and many other things that are necessary for organizing actions. You can also view action parameters conveniently as tool tips.


Batch Processing

ActionsXXL's Batch feature offers as good as all features of Photoshop's Batch and Image Processor feature combined plus 20 more options.

It lets users select between four types of image sources, e.g. open images, selected layers, dropped images or a folder. The processed images can be kept open, saved in the same folder, a sub folder or another folder of choice. The image format of the processed files can be kept or one of six other formats can be chosen. There are options for converting to 8 bit per channel and sRGB profile as well as changing the image size, e.g. for thumbnail creation. The processed files can be renamed with the help of a naming pattern that may include serial numbers, serial letters or dates.

The images can be automatically processed with Camera Raw, actions, scripts and up to 8 auto enhancement features. You can record your own actions for batch processing your images as well as control the opening and saving of images from an action, which makes ActionsXXL's Batch feature even more flexible and effective.


What Makes ActionsXXL So Special

Photoshop Elements misses two integral features which are essential for professional image editing: Recording actions and using them for batch processing. ActionsXXL fills this gap thus making Photoshop Elements more attractive for professional image editing.

With the help of our ElementsXXL plugin ActionsXXL can play back almost all available Photoshop actions as well as record features that would otherwise only be recordable in Photoshop.

ActionsXXL saves users a lot of time when repetitive image processing tasks are involved. Thus ActionsXXL is an indispensable tool for making image editing work with Photoshop Elements much more productive.





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