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I already use Photoshop Elements 11 / 12 / 13 / 14, which already allows opening and playing actions. What more does ActionsXXL have to offer?

While users of Photoshop Elements 10 or lower do not have a practical way to open and play actions (unless they use ElementsXXL), Photoshop Elements 11 and higher offer an Actions panel for opening and playing actions. However, the Actions panel of Photoshop Elements it is quite limited. Basically it only lets you open, play and delete actions. ActionsXXL on the other hand allows you to also record, edit, organize and save actions as well as apply actions for batch processing.

Furthermore, ActionsXXL can run actions 30% faster than Photoshop Elements and ElementsXXL. It can also play actions without cluttering the History panel and offers three other playback modes for playing actions slower in various ways, e.g. for observing what they do or for debugging them. ActionsXXL also offers a Button Mode for conveniently running actions by clicking a button. Additionally an undo icon lets you undo all steps of a played or recorded action without having to use the History panel.

So ActionsXXL does not only offer more options than the Actions panel of Photoshop Elements (and the actions features of ElementsXXL), but also makes using actions more convenient and speeds up your image processing workflow.


I am a user of ElementsXXL. Do I need ActionsXXL too?

ElementsXXL offers features to open and play back actions - mainly for versions 6-10 of Photoshop Elements that do not have it. But ActionsXXL also lets you record, edit, organize and save actions as well as apply actions to multiple images or files via batch processing. See the above question for more information.


Is ActionsXXL able to play actions that were recorded in Photoshop without error messages in Photoshop Elements?

Yes, ActionsXXL is able to play back actions that can not be played back with the Actions panel of Photoshop Elements. To do that it internally rewrites some actions steps and additionally cooperates with ElementsXXL (and also LayersXXL). ActionsXXL executes features of ElementsXXL in order to compensate for the features that are otherwise missing in Photoshop Elements. So you need to have ElementsXXL installed to be able to play back some actions that were recorded in Photoshop. Even though ActionsXXL can play almost all Photoshop actions with the help of ElementsXXL, action steps that trigger things like CMYK mode, 3D or video editing features will not work, because ElementsXXL does not offer them.


ActionsXXL does not correctly play an action that I downloaded from the web. What should I do?

First of all, make sure that you are using the action correctly. Some actions require e.g. an existing selection or layer mask or a file in a certain location. So please read the instructions for the action if available. Some action were recorded with e.g. with a German or Italian version of Photoshop (Elements) whereas you are using an English version of Photoshop Elements. As a result the action may try to e.g. select a layer with German or Italian name that is not available in your English version. So have a closer look at the action step that causes a problem and modify it if possible.

If the problem runs deeper, please note that ActionsXXL is able to play back more action steps if you also have ElementsXXL installed. So please install ElementsXXL (or its trial version) if you not already did so. If that still does not help, please contact us and send us the action. We will try to make it work with ActionsXXL if possible.


Can ActionsXXL record and play back features of ElementsXXL and LayersXXL?

Yes, ActionsXXL allows recording all menu items, key shortcuts, clicks on icons and all other features of ElementsXXL as well LayersXXL. FilterHub also supports recording its image editing steps. However, you need at least ElementsXXL 3.50, LayersXXL 1.50 and FilterHub 1.05 to be able to record their features with ActionsXXL. Older versions of these plugins do not support ActionsXXL.

Some of these recorded actions can be played in Photoshop Elements even without ElementsXXL or LayersXXL, but certain action steps still require ElementsXXL or LayersXXL. The recorded actions can also be played in Photoshop (even without ElementsXXL and LayersXXL which only work in Photoshop Elements) with the exception of a few special features, which Photoshop does not have, e.g. Split Layer, HDR-Combine, Remove Transparency.


Does ActionsXXL offer all action and batch processing features of Photoshop?

ActionsXXL offers almost all action and batch processing features of Photoshop, but also includes features that Photoshop does not have. Here are two lists with features that Photoshop and ActionsXXL do not have when compared to each other:

Photoshop offers the following 7 features that ActionsXXL does not have:

  • Allow Tool Recording: Records brush strokes in the image
  • 4 additional options on the Batch dialog: Import as source, Bridge as source, Suppress File Open Options Dialog and Log Errors to File.
  • 2 additional options on the Image Processor script: Adding a copyright string to images, Include ICC Profile.

ActionsXXL offers the following 30 features that Photoshop does not have:

  • Loading multiple action files from one file dialog
  • "Maximum" playback option: Runs actions faster and avoids cluttering the History panel
  • "Stop after every Step" playback option: Stops after every action step to let the user investigate what the action did
  • Progress window during action playback
  • Undo icon: Undoes the last played action or the last recorded steps.
  • Allows changing the next recording position during recording
  • Insert > Action menu item: Adds an actions step for playing an action
  • Insert > Script menu item: Adds an action step that runs a script
  • Insert > Adjustment Layer menu item: Adds an action step that creates an adjustment layer plus its settings
  • Right clicking on an action item displays a context menu
  • 20 additional options on the Batch dialog: Selected Layers as source, Drag'n'Dropped Files as source, Save in sub folder, saving to GIF format, saving to PNG-8 format, 5 Open in Camera Raw options, running two additional actions, running a script as well as 8 automatic image processing features (e.g. Auto Color, Auto Sharpen, Auto Dehaze, Auto Shake Reduction).

It is planned to add the missing features from the Photoshop list in future versions of ActionsXXL.


I have a non-English version of Photoshop Elements. Can I use ActionsXXL with it?

Yes, definitely. 95% of the features of ActionsXXL are automatically translated to the language of Photoshop Elements. For example, if you use a Spanish version of Photoshop Elements, almost all menu items and dialogs of ActionsXXL are in Spanish. Only a few messages or items are only available in English and German.

There are only English and German manuals for ActionsXXL, but you can read about most ActionsXXL features in the manual of Photoshop or on the Photoshop Help page - both of which are available for various languages. Here are the Photoshop Help pages about actions in all languages that Photoshop Elements supports: Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Taiwanese.

You can also look for tutorials about Photoshop actions on the web. Most of them are applicable to ActionsXXL too.




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