Key Shortcuts

ActionsXXL lets you define up to 44 key shortcuts. These key shortcuts are a combination of the F2 to F12 key and the Alt, Shift and Ctrl keys. A key shortcut can be assigned to one of 44 actions. When pressing one of these key combinations the appropriate action will be played. This allows you to apply a bunch of often needed image processing steps quickly and easily.

Please note: Photoshop offers F2 to F12 key shortcuts for actions, but as Photoshop Elements already has most of these shortcuts in use for other commands, ActionsXXL uses the Alt+F2 to Alt+F12 instead of the F2 to F12 shortcuts.

If you load an action file that you downloaded from the web, it can be that it already contains actions that have a key shortcut assigned to them. So if two actions have the same key shortcut, the action that is located nearer to the top of the action list will be played.

You can define a key shortcut for an action on the New Action dialog when you create a new action. A similar dialog shows up when you double click at the right hand-side of an action name in the action list or when you choose the Action Options panel menu item.

Clicking the Shortcut combo box displays a list of all available shortcuts. Choose one and click the OK button to assign it to the action.