Edit View


In Edit view you can copy filters from the All list to the Favorites list, remove them again and change their position. That is why Edit view contains both the lists from the All and Favorites views.

To add one or more items from the All to the Favorites list, please select them in the All list first. To select multiple items hold down the Shift or Ctrl key and click on the items. Then click the > button to copy them to the Favorites list. The new items will be inserted after the last selected item in the Favorites list. If nothing is selected in the Favorites list, they will be added at the end.

Alternatively you can also use drag and drop to move filters from the All to the Favorites list. This gives you more flexibility over where to insert the new items, because a line indicates where the new filters will be inserted when you release the mouse button.

When you switch to Favorites in the top button bar, you will also see the newly added filters there.

To remove items from the Favorites list, select them in the Favorites list and click the < button. This removes them. Again the list in the Favorites view is automatically updated.

To position items in the Favorites list, select them there and click on the arrow up or arrow down buttons.

The --- button adds a separation line to the Favorites list. It helps you to visually group certain filters.

You can also change the position of items by using drag and drop.


You can add multiple copies of the same filter to the Favorites list if you like. This is useful if you want to run multiple filters in one pass in Favorites view. Together with the separation line feature you can create groups of filters for certain tasks that way.

Although the Edit view is meant for editing the Favorites list, you can also run a filter here. To do that double click an item in one of the two lists or select a filter and press the Enter key. This way you can check a filter before you add it to your favorites. You can also right click to visit the homepage of a selected filter.