General Controls


The Undo Icon

After executing a filter with the help of FilterHub, you can undo this step by clicking the undo icon in the top right corner of the panel. If no filter has been run from FilterHub yet or if it was just clicked, the undo icon is disabled.

The undo icon does not undo steps that you did outside of the panel in Photoshop. Please use the History panel for undoing these steps or choose File > Undo from the menu.


The Panel Menu


In the top right corner of the panel you can see the panel menu icon. Click on it to display the panel menu.

If you run Photoshop CS4, you will see two panel menu icons. Please use the lower icon that is located within the panel as shown here:


FilterHub displays its own panel menu in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS4 and earlier.

Enable/Disable Universal Smartfiltering

Some filters do not support smart filtering, so they are disabled when you have a smart object selected in the Layers panel. If you activate universal smart filtering, all filter can be applied to a smart object. However, the settings of the filters, which do not support it, are not stored in the smart object and will be lost once you close Photoshop.

FilterHub automatically enables universal smart filtering before it runs a filter and deactivates it again afterwards, unless it was already activated before.

This feature is not available in Photoshop Elements.

Deactivate/Activate Layer Renaming

When applying a filter to a layer, the layer is renamed with the filter name by default. If you do not like this feature, e.g. because you already gave the layer a distinctive name, you can deactivate the layer renaming (and later reactivate it again) with this panel menu item.

Small Font / Default Font / Large Font / Huge Font

These options change the size of the font that is used in all filter lists. It does not change the font size of other controls. The Default Font option is activated by default and resembles the font size of the Photoshop or Photoshop Elements UI. FilterHub uses a larger default font in Elements, because Elements generally uses a larger font for its UI controls.

If you want to make the filter lists more readable, use the Large Font or Huge Font options. If you would like to display more items, use the Small Font option.

Show Manual

Choosing this menu item displays the FilterHub PDF manual. If it is not installed, the online manual is shown.

Visit The Plugin Site

This menu item displays in your web browser.


The About menu item shows a message box with the version number and copyright information.


The Context Menu

The context menu does not work in Photoshop CS4, but it works in Photoshop CS5 and higher. When you right click somewhere on the panel, a context menu is displayed. Its items only work if a filter is selected in a list. So you should better do that before displaying it.

The Add to Favorites item shows up in All view. It adds the selected Filter to the Favorites list. In Favorites view the Remove from Favorites menu item is displayed, which removes the selected filter again.

The Visit Homepage item, which is available in all views, displays the homepage of the selected filter in your web browser. This way you can check if a new version is available. Some plugin web sites do not exist anymore and FilterHub does not know each of the thousands of Photoshop plugins, so this feature may not work in a few cases.