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I did a lot of testing with FilterHub, and after a couple weeks I was hooked. I can't imagine working without it now. If you use filters in your work, you should at least test drive the demo. It's hard to tell how much time this saves by just reading about it.


... slick replacement for Photoshop's Filter menu ... If you have even one third-party Photoshop plug-in, you're going to love FilterHub for Photoshop and will wonder why no one's ever thought of it before. ... FilterHub can bring a fundamental change to your workflow, making filters more accessible, removing clutter from your workspace, and allowing you to do some things that are difficult or quite tedious in Photoshop.


.. PhotoWiz offers the new FilterHub extension as a more efficient replacement [for the Filter menu] while upgrading the menu’s capabilties at the same time. Using FilterHub, you have immediate access to built-in Photoshop filters as well as thirdparty plug-ins ... The buttons at right offer even more convenience ... How did we live without this?

Plugs'n'Pixels Issue 21

FilterHub looks like a cool way to run filters (enabling multi-layer application of filters, creation of Smart Objects, and more).

John Nack at Adobe


If you simply use the filters supplied with Photoshop, then FilterHub provides some new ways of working with these. But if you employ lots of third-party filters, this may well be what you have long been waiting for to solve a problem that Adobe apparently is apparently unaware of.




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