Files and Folders

HTML Shrinker offer four elements on the right side of the main dialog for selecting files and folders.

The Drive Box is located in the upper right corner of the dialog right below the menu bar. Clicking on it will display a drop down menu for selecting one of your drives.

The Folder Box is below the drive box and lets you select a folder. Clicking on one of the visible folders will select it and display the files it contain in the File Box. Double clicking a folders will open it and display its sub folders. Pressing the Back key will take you to the next upper folder level. Right clicking on the folder box will display the Sites menu as a context menu.

The File Box displays the files of the currently selected folder. Right clicking on the folder box will display the File menu as a context menu.

The Folder Field which shows the folder path is located in the bottom right corner. When you click on this field, you can type in a new path.

Before performing any operation, please select the base folder of your web site in HTML Shrinker.

TIP: To connect to a network drive within HTML Shrinker, you have to map the network drive to a local drive letter. To make a newly mapped drive available in the Drive Box, please choose Refresh from the Edit menu. But you can also access a network drive by entering its path in the Folder Field, e.g. \\Miriam\C-Drive\ for accessing the "C-Drive" on the Computer named "Miriam".



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