The Adjust tab sheet offers a lot of basic effect controls. The Tonal Range combo box is described on the Tonal Range page.


Flat / Gaussian / Subtle

Original Texture
Flat Blur
(Value of 8)
Gaussian Blur
(Value of 8)
Flat Sharpen
(Value of -8)

The Flat / Gaussian / Subtle slider lets you blur the texture when the slider value is above zero or sharpen it when the slider value is below zero. For the Flat and Gaussian options the slider values represent the pixel size of the convolution kernel divided by two or in more common language the intensity of the effect. "Flat" applies a flat convolution kernel while "Gaussian" uses a bell-shaped one. That is why the Gaussian effect looks smoother, but also needs more time to render.
The "Subtle" effect is a Gaussian effect, but with a finer granularity. It lets you blur or sharpen with an minimum intensity of 1/8 pixel. So it is very useful for doing very fine blur or sharpen effects.


Contrast / Brightness / Gamma

Original Texture
Increased Contrast
Reduced Brightness
Reduced Gamma

All three features should be known from image application. These three sliders simply let you reduce or increase contrast, brightness and gamma.

Saturation / Hue

Original Texture
Increased Saturation
Changed Hue

The Saturation slider lets you decrease and increase the saturation of the texture. Slider values below zero make the texture more and more gray, while values above zero intensify the colors (especially red). The Hue slider cycles the colors of the texture. It shifts the color spectrum.


Red / Green / Blue

Original Texture

Unlike the Hue slider, the Red, Green and Blue sliders let you adjust the colors of the texture independently. Slider values below zero remove the red, green or blue color while values above zero add more red, green or blue color.


Posterize / Solarize

Original Texture
Full Solarization

The Posterize slider lets you reduce the number of colors of the texture from several million colors to two colors. The Solarize slider gradually turns the image into its negative version.


Grain / Noise

Original Texture
Grain on a Grayscaled Texture

The Grain slider adds a pop-art effect to color textures and adds grain to grayscaled textures. The Noise slider adds random uniform noise to the texture.