As most effects of HyperTyle are based on textures the texture opening feature is quite important. The Open Texture button at the top of the tab sheet displays a file dialog for opening a texture file.

Supplied Textures

Several textures are already delivered with HyperTyle. When clicking on the Open Texture button the folder of the currently used texture is displayed in the file dialog by default. You can open any other texture you like from the Open Texture file dialog. A selection of the included textures can be seen on the Included Textures page.


Supported Image Files

HyperTyle supports various image formats for opening textures: BMP, JPG, PSD, PNG, PCX, PCD, TGA, TIF, WMF, EMF, AMF and WBMP. All images are automatically converted to 24bit, only JPG 8-bit, PNG Gray, PSD Grayscale and WBMP files are opened as 8bit grayscaled images.

Windows-BMP files with 2, 16, 256 and 16 million colors in compressed and uncompressed state are supported as well as OS2-BMP files in uncompressed state with 256 and 16 million colors. Although they are plain BMP files, PSP 6 Texture and PSP 6 Pattern files are mentioned in addition to BMP files in the Open Texture file dialog. While the texture and pattern files from Paint Shop Pro 7 already have a BMP file extension, the ones from Paint Shop Pro 6 use the file extensions .TEX and .PAT.

All types of PSD files with 8bit per channel are accepted, except LAB and Multichannel ones. Support for PSD files with 16bit per channel is only available for RGB and Grayscaled mode. So you use the PSD texture files which are delivered with Photoshop in HyperTyle. PCD (Photo CD) files are automatically opened at a resolution of 384 x 256 pixel. WMF, EMF and AMF files are opened a white background by default. If there's no size information they are opened at a size of 256 x 256 pixels.

Previewing Textures in the File Dialog

If you select "Thumbnails" from the View menu or icon at the top of the Open Texture file dialog, you can to see thumbnails of the textures. By doing so you know how the texture you are about to open looks like. It spares you opening different textures before you find the right one.

Using Textures from other Sources

If you want to use textures from another source, e.g. your image application, other plugins or a texture CD, you just have to use the Open Texture button in HyperTyle. If you want to use a background texture from a web site, you have to right click it, select "Save Picture As..." or "Save Background As..." from the context menu. For easier access you should place the new textures in the Textures sub folder of the HyperTyle installation folder, but you can also use any other folder.

Texture Thumbnail

The presently used texture is displayed as a thumbnail at the top of the Texture tab sheet. Click on this thumbnail to display the Open Texture file dialog. At the right side of the thumbnail you can find the path of the texture file (sometimes truncated) and some information about width, height and color depth of the texture image. The Equalize check box highly increases the contrast of the texture.