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Requirements: None

The Tasks sub menu offers seven items for almost automatically performing certain tasks, which start with opening one or more images and end with the final image result.

The Denoise task lets you combine multiple photos of the same scene taken with the same camera settings in order to reduce high ISO noise. The Depth of Field Increase task removes blur by using photos taken with a different focus point. The HDR task increases the dynamic range of a photo by overlaying multiple photos taken with different exposures. When opening only one file, exposure variations are automatically generated by LayersXXL. The Light Trail task combines various light trial photos or night shots to produce a more impressive effect.The Manual Composition task opens multiple photos and adds layer masks for starting with a manual composition. The Multiple Exposure lets you create an analog multiple exposure by blending different photos. Finally, the Panorama task stitches panorama photos together.


The top images were taken hand held. The bottom result was produced by using the Panorama task.

Each task performs the following steps:

1. Open as Layers (displays file dialog for selecting multiple files)
2. Auto-Align Layers (no dialog is shown)
3. Auto-Expose Layers, HDR-Combine Layers or Auto-Blend Layers depending on the task (no dialog is shown for these tasks: Depth of Field Increase, Manual Composition and Panorama).
4. Remove Transparency (no dialog is shown except for the Panorama task; for the HDR task this command is executed before step 3)

You can skip step 1 if you already have your images placed as layers in a document and have them selected in the Layers panel. Then simply click the Cancel button when the Open As Layers dialog appears to continue with step 2.