File Menu

LayersXXL adds two menu items to the File menu of Photoshop Elements, which allow you to perform open and save operations on the layers of a document. So instead of using separate documents for multiple images you can now process these images in one document as layers.


Open As Layers

Requirements: None

The Open As Layers menu item opens multiple images as layers in a new document and names each layer after the corresponding file. On the appearing file dialog you can select multiple images by using the Ctrl and Shift keys or by drawing a rectangle around the files. Click the Open button to confirm your selection. Make sure that all image files that you want to open are located in the same folder.

If the selected image files do not have the same image dimensions, smaller images will be center aligned in the document. If one of the selected files is a raw file, the Camera Raw dialog will be shown (with default preference settings). If you select only one raw file, two additional exposure variations of the same raw file are opened as layers (with default preference settings), which is useful for HDR imaging.

You can influence the behavior of the Open As Layers feature on the LayersXXL preferences dialog.


Save Layers to Files

Requirements: None

The Save Layers to Files command saves each layer of a document as a separate image file. The name of each layer will be used as the file name for each saved file. The file extension of the layer name will be changed to the format that is selected for saving.

If a layer has transparent pixels around its borders, these pixels will be cropped away before the image is saved. So not all saved images may have the same image width and height.