Effect Controls




BWStyler features five modes: Easy Mode, Quick Edit Mode, Photography Mode, Advanced Mode and Advanced+ Mode. Easy Mode offers a list of presets and displays one or more controls for further adjusting the effect of the preset. Quick Edit Mode provides several controls for adjusting the brightness, contrast and color of the whole image as well as parts of it. Photography Mode simulates the photographic workflow from shooting an image to processing it in the lab, printing and framing it. It does this with the help of hundreds of presets from a dozen combo boxes. Advanced Mode contains all available effect controls on six tab sheets and offers the most possibilities. Finally, Advanced+ Mode is similar to Advanced Mode, but lets you select each effect group from a combo box instead of tab sheets and sub tabs.


Modes Workflow

All modes are connected, so switching between modes does not change the image effect. You can start in one mode and adjust the effect further in another mode. If you need detailed control over an effect you should try Advanced Mode or Advanced+ Mode. If the advanced modes appears too complex, you can stay in Easy Mode, Quick Edit Mode or Photography Mode. Once you know these three modes well, you can explore what the two advanced modes offers and see if they provides even more useful options for you.

For detailed workflow tips see the Step By Step Guide page.


Easy Mode


Easy Mode contains only the Preset tab sheet that is also available in Advanced Mode. But in contrast to Advanced Mode some controls appear below the preset list when you click a preset or switch to a preset group with the combo box above the preset list.

For presets that activate multiple effects you only see a Main Intensity slider for increasing or decreasing the intensity of all effects. For presets with only one effect multiple sliders appear below the preset list. Sometimes these are all controls of the effect, sometimes not. If the BWStyler window is too small to fit all controls, only the Main Intensity slider is shown. You can avoid that by enlarging the BWStyler window.

If you right click on the preset list you will see a menu with the names of all effects of the preset. Clicking on one of these items displays the effect controls in Advanced Mode.

For more information see the Preset tab sheet page.


Quick Edit Mode


Quick Edit Mode offers sliders for general and selective adjustments. It provides the means for quickly adjusting the image. This mode is especially useful if you are interested in photo processing without special effects. But you can also use it for adjusting the image after applying special effects in another mode. All of these controls are also available in Advanced and Advanced+ Mode.

For more information on these controls see the pages of the mentioned tab sheets.


Photography Mode

Photography mode consists only of presets that are sorted into a dozen combo boxes. Each combo box offers many items for adding a predefined effect, a so-called preset, to the image. This way you can add up multiple effects at the same time to an image. The presets of one combo box override each other (except for Neutral, Development and Tonal FX), but if you choose presets from different combo boxes, their effects are combined. It works similar to the activated Combine check box in Easy and the advanced modes.

If you choose a polarizer preset from the Neutral combo box and then choose another presets from the same combo box, the effects of both presets are combined. The same is true for the top three groups on the Development combo box and the film presets. Likewise for the two top groups of the Tonal FX combo box and the remaining bottom presets. To reset the effect of one of these three combo boxes, you may have to choose the top "None" item. Simply selecting another preset may not fully erase the effect of the combo box.

These presets let you recreate the look of traditional photography effects. It is a selection of the presets that are also available in Easy and Advanced Mode. Each effect of the Photography Mode can be edited more detailed after clicking the "More..." label. This displays the appropriate controls in Advanced+ Mode.


Advanced Mode


Advanced Mode contains the combined effects of all other modes and even more. All adjustments that you make in the other modes are visible in this mode. Advanced Mode lets you fine-tune them even further, because it offers (together with Advanced+ Mode) the most features.

In addition to the Preset tab sheet known from Easy Mode there are five further tab sheets in this mode. Each tab sheet contains up to four sub tabs. Usually one sub tab contains one effect, but some sub tabs also contain up to three different effects types.

For more information about the different effect controls read the pages about these tab sheets.


Advanced+ Mode


Advanced+ Mode also contains all available effects. In addition to the Preset tab sheet known from Easy Mode there is an Adjust tab sheet. The Effect combo box on this tab sheet lets you display all effect controls know from the tab sheets and sub tabs of Advanced Mode. If an effect is activated it has a * sign added to its name on the combo box list. You can switch between the previous and next effect on the effect list with the Prev and Next button without opening the list of the combo box.

For more information about the different effect controls read the appropriate pages.