B/W Filters


The B/W Filters mode recreates the effect of colored glass filters that are placed in front of the lens to influence the look of B/W photos.

Preset Icons

Clicking one of the preset icons will activate the appropriate effect by setting the sliders below to certain values. The same presets can also be found in Photography Mode, B/W Quick Mode and Expert Mode. For more information about the presets, please read the Local Presets page.



The Hue slider lets you choose a color for the B/W conversion. For example, if you choose a red color with the Hue slider, the red areas of the color image will get bright in the B/W image. As Cyan is the complimentary color of red the cyan image areas will get dark. All other areas will have gray tones that are in between.

The Contrast and Brightness sliders don't work like normal brightness and contrast sliders. They influence the B/W conversion itself and are based on color differences in the original color image. Slider values above zero usually produce brighter results whereas values below zero result in a darker image. Both sliders allow quite extreme adjustments, so be careful not to overdo it.


Hyper Links

The two hyper links on the bottom let you switch to Photograph Mode or to Expert Mode. Alternatively you can also use the Mode combo box at the top for doing that.