Grain Tab Sheet


The Grain tab sheet of Expert mode adds noise and grain effect to the image. These features can be used to produce the look of high-ISO films.

PLEASE NOTE: Always investigate the grain effect at 100% preview zoom in B/W Styler as well as 100% zoom in your graphics application. At other zoom levels the grain may look stronger in B/W Styler or weaker in Photoshop.



Four methods for adding a colorless grain effect are offered. They add different types of grain, some of them are a bit fine whereas others are more coarse.

The Intensity slider controls the intensity of the grain. Low values will make the grain vanish and higher values will flood the image with grain. The Size slider defines the size of the grain particles. The value represents the radius of the grain particle. A Size value of 1 means that the particle is 1 pixel big. A value of 1.0 creates grain particles that can be up to 3 pixel wide.

The Shadow, Midtone and Highlight sliders let you increase or decrease the intensity of the grain effect in the shadow, midtone and highlight areas of the image independently. Setting them all to -100 totally removes the grain.

If the R button is not activated, the texture of the grain will stay the same. If you activate the R button, then the look of the grain will change with every slider move and preview update. So if you don't like the current grain texture, just activate the R button, move the Intensity slider a bit and deactivate the R button if you found a grain texture that you like.

Activating the Uniform check box spreads the noise evenly across the whole image, which makes the grain effect look a bit artificial. So it is only recommended to use it if you want to create the look of digital noise.


Color Grain

The normal grain types are also available as color grain version. Color grain means that the grain particles have different colors. Such grain is usually only seen on color images, but it can look nice on B/W images, too. The four Color Grain methods work just like their colorless versions.