Key Shortcuts

B/W Styler lets you use a few key shortcuts for performing certain tasks. Some users usually prefer using key shortcuts as they help to achieve some tasks much faster.

Please notice: If the input focus is resting on a combo box or edit box, please additionally hold down the ALT key, otherwise the key shortcut will not work.

Here is a list of all shortcuts that can be used:


Key Shortcut

(Alt and) +
Increases the preview zoom ratio
(Alt and) -
Decreases the preview zoom ratio
(Alt and) R
Resets some controls to their default values
(Alt and) H or Space Activates the hand tool
(Alt and) I Activates the eyedropper tool
(Alt and) S Activates the split view tool
(Alt and) P
Activates or deactivates the Auto Preview check box
(Alt and) ?
Displays the manual
(Alt and) B Displays a page with photos of the beta testers.