Lab Tab Sheet


The Lab tab sheet of Expert Mode offers various effects that can be achieved in the traditional photo lab or darkroom.


The Intensity Slider

The Intensity slider is available with all Lab methods. It adjusts the intensity of the effect. A value of zero means that no effect will be applied and a value of 100 applies the effect at full strength.


Lith Film

The Lith Film method imitates the look of lithographic film, which can be adjusted with the Range slider. A value of zero and 255 produce no effect at all, but values in-between create a faded and dried out look.



The Monochrome method creates B/W looks that do not use the full spectrum of gray values. Its most extreme effect keeps only black and white without any gray tones. You can control the number of gray tones in the shadow and highlight areas with the help of the Shadows and Highlights sliders. Their values indicate the number of gray tones, but you can also see the number of gray tones from the gray Levels label below them. The Threshold slider lets you include some image details and exclude others. It is best to use middle values for it, because low and high values can remove some essential details from the image.



The Posterization method is another way to reduce the number of gray tones in the image. The more you move the Amount slider to the left, the more gray levels are removed. The number of remaining gray tones can be read from the gray Levels label.



The Solarization method simulates the effect of a partially developed B/W film. The Amount slider lets you adjust the development time from fully developed to not developed at all. The values in the middle range create the most interesting effects. The Double check box produces a double solarization effect, which looks like solarized negatives of the same scene that were overlayed. If you activate the check box, the Amount slider will be split into an Amount A and an Amout B slider.



The Pseudo-Solarization method produces more extreme effects that look similar to solarized photos. The Cycle slider lets you vary the effect. The Double check box allows you to produce more complex effects and displays two Cycle sliders.