ND Filters


The ND Filters mode simulates glass filters that are placed in front of a camera lens. You can choose between three types of filters: ND Filters, which darken the whole image, ND Grad Filters, which gradually darken one half of the image, and Polarizers, which darken blue areas and brighten yellow areas.

Preset Icons

Clicking one of the preset icons will activate the appropriate effect by setting the sliders below to certain values. The same presets can also be found in Photography Mode, B/W Quick Mode and Expert Mode. For more information about the presets, please read the Local Presets page.



The Brightness slider adjusts the brightness of the whole image or parts of it. If you have activated one of the ND or Pol preset icons, then the whole image will be affected. If you chose one of the ND Grad presets, then only one half of the image will be affected. The Color Contrast slider controls the Polarizer effect. So you can add a Polarizer effect to an ND effect if you use the Color Contrast slider after clicking on one of the ND preset icons.

If you activate one of the ND Grad preset icons (the fourth up to ninth icon), three more sliders will appear. These sliders can be used to modify the gradient of the ND Grad effects. The Offset slider positions the gradient, the Density slider expands or shrinks the gradient and the Rotation slider rotates the gradient by 360 degree.


Hyper Links

The two hyper links on the bottom let you switch to Photograph Mode or to Expert Mode. Alternatively you can also use the Mode combo box at the top for doing that.