Local Presets


All modes of B/W Styler offer many different local presets for adding certain effects to the image. Local means that these presets will only provide predefined values for certain B/W Styler controls and won't change all controls of B/W Styler like global presets do. In Photography Mode these local presets can be chosen from combo boxes, in the simple modes they can be selected with the help of preset icons and in B/W Quick and Expert Mode the presets can be chosen from button menus. The presets themselves are identical throughout all modes, only the way they are presented varies.


B/W Films

Ortho(chromatic), Orthopan(chromatic), Pan(chromatic), Superpan(chromatic), Infra-Red

These five presets try to reproduce the look of different types of B/W films. Orthochromatic films are only sensitive to cold colors like blue and cyan, so warm colors like orange and yellow appear quite dark in the B/W image. Superpanchromatic films on the other hand are also sensitive to colors and produce a more balanced B/W result. Finally, infra-red films are sensitive to IR radiation. As this kind of information is not present in a digital photo, B/W Styler tries to recreate such an IR look by brightening the red, orange and green areas in the image, which are the colors of skin and plants in most photos.

Agfa APX, Agfa Scala, Fuji Neopan( Acros), Fuji Neopan, Illford Delta, Illford FP4 Plus, Illford HP5 Plus, Illford Ortho Plus, Illford PAN F Plus, Illford XP2 S(uper), Kodak BW CN, Kodak PLUS-X, Kodak TMAX, Kodak TRI-X, Rollei R3

These presets create the look of well-known B/W films. Every film has its special spectral sensitivity which is simulated by B/W Styler.

Adox CHS 50, Adox CHS 100, Adox CHS 100 PL, Adox CMS 20, Classicpan, Fomapan Classic, Fomapan, Fortepan, Kodak Tech Pan, Kodak PORTRA, Kodak Copy Film, Maco Cube, Maco PO, Polaroid 54, Polaroid 55, Rollei Ortho, Rollei Retro

These presets create the look of less known B/W films.

Ilford SFX, Kodak HIE, Konica IR, Maco IR, Rollei IR

These presets create the look of infra-red B/W films. Please notice that these presets are less accurate than the other film presets, because usually there is no IR-data captured in digital images.



Film Grain

ISO 100 - 3200

The ISO presets simulate the look of B/W films of different sensitivity. The ISO 100 preset adds a fine grain effect that is barely visible whereas the ISO 3200 preset produces a rough grain effect that is quite dominant.


B/W Filters

Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Emerald, Cyan, Skyblue, Blue, Violet, Magenta, Red-Violet

For traditional B/W photography it was common to place a colored glass filter in front of the lens to create different B/W looks. For example the orange filter makes skin appear bright and a red filter makes the sky dark.


ND Filters

ND2, ND4, ND8

The ND filters basically darken the image. Image areas with intense colors in the original color image are darkened more than gray image areas. The ND8 preset makes the image most dark.

ND Grad, ND2 (Grad) L, ND4 (Grad) M, ND8 (Grad), ND8 (Grad) S, ND8 (Grad) F

These presets apply the ND effect on a linear gradient. The gradient varies from preset to preset.

Pol(arizer) L(ight), Pol(arizer) M(edium), Pol(arizer) S(trong)

The Polarizer presets darken image areas that were blue in the original color image and brighten image areas that were yellow.


Diffusion Filters

Diff(usor) L(ight), Diff(usor) 1, Diff(usor) 2, Diff(usor) 3, Diff(usor) 4

The Diffusor presets add a diffusion effect to the image, which blurs the image a bit.

Pastel 1, Pastel 2, Pastel 3, Pastel 4

The Pastel presets are similar to the Diffusion presets, but the blur effect is more faded and grayish.

Mist 1, Mist 2, Mist 3, Mist 4

The Mist presets add a bright highlight to bright image areas giving them a nice glow.



Extra Short, Short, Long, Extra Long

These presets try to simulate an effect from traditional film developments. A film has to be placed in developer liquid for a certain time. If you shorten or prolong this time, you can influence the brightness and contrast of the resulting photo.

Flat Contrast, Low Contrast, High Contrast, Hard Contrast

These presets create low and high contrast effects.

Dark Shad(ow)s, Bright Hight(light)s, Darken, Brighten

These presets darken or brighten the image or only parts of the image.

Hard Dark(ness), Hard Bright(ness), Low Key, High Key

These presets reproduce special B/W looks by manipulating brightness and contrast.


Lab Effects

Lith-Film (Strong), Lith(-Film) Light, Mono(chrome Strong), Mono(chrome) Light, Posterized (Strong), Poster(ized) Light, Solarization, Double Sol(arization)

The Lab presets reproduce different special effects that were created in the traditional darkroom or photo lab with various techniques.


Paper Grade

(Grade 0- ) Extra Soft, (Grade 1- ) Soft, (Grade 2- ) Normal), (Grade 3 - ) Special, (Grade 4 - ) Hard, (Grade 5 - ) Extra Hard

The Paper Grade presets simulate the look of different multigraded photo papers. You can use them to add a soft or hard look to the B/W image.


Color Tone

Bromoil, Collodion, Copper, Chrysotype, Cyanotype, Daguerreotype, Gold, Iron, Kallitype, Lead, Palladium, Platinum, Selenium, Sepia, Sepia Yellow, Sepia Red, Sienna, Silver, Silver Gel(atin), Uranium

Traditionally B/W photos could be colored by using different toning liquids. Additionally some non-standard film development processes also produce colored B/W photos. The following presets simulate the effect of different toners and development processes.



Rect - White Simple, Rect - White Line, Rect - White Border, Rect - White Transparent, Rect - White Thin, Rect - White Double

Rect - Black Simple, Rect - Black Line, Rect - Black Border, Rect - Black Transparent, Rect - Black Thin, Rect - Black Double,

Oval - White Hard, Oval - White Medium, Oval - White Soft, Oval - Black Hard, Oval - Black Medium, Oval - Black Soft

Circular - White Vignette, Circular - Black Vignette

These presets add various rectangular frames and elliptical/circular vignettes to the image. You can choose between white or black frames and vignettes.




Selective B/W

Saturation Mask 1, Saturation Mask 2, Brightness Mask 1, Brightness Mask 2

Red Mask, Orange Mask, Yellow Mask, Green Mask, Cyan Mask, Blue Mask, Magenta Mask, gray Mask

The Selective B/W presets add color back to certain image areas depending on their saturation, brightness or color.


Split Color

Partial Red, Partial Copper, Partial Sepia, Partial Gold, Partial Green, Partial Cyan, Partial Blue, Partial Magenta

Sepia Mix, Yellow-Red, Yellow-Blue, Red-Blue, Yellow-Green, Brown-Magenta, Orange-Green, Magenta-Blue

The Partial presets colorize image areas that were highly saturated in the original image and keep gray image areas as they are. The other Split Color presets colorize the shadow areas of the image with one color and the highlight areas with another color.


Vignette Blur

Diffusor Small, Diffusor Medium, Diffusor Large, Soft Small, Soft Medium, Soft Large, Fog Small, Fog Medium, Fog Large

The Vignette Blur adds a soft blur effect to the outer image areas while keeping the inner center area as it is. The presets vary in blur intensity and vignette softness.


Dark Mist

Small Deep, Small Normal, Small Flat, Medium Deep, Medium Normal, Medium Flat, Large Deep, Large Normal, Large Flat

The Dark Mist presets darken the dark areas of the image resulting in stronger shadows.




Convert Tab Sheet

The Convert tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under B/W Filters above plus the following ones:

Luminosity, Average, Desaturated

The Luminosity presets perform a widely accepted B/W conversion whereas the Average presets do a fairly simple conversion, which is fine for some images, but may not look that good for others. The Desaturation preset creates yet another B/W result.

Infra-Red Green Filter, Infra-Red Yellow Filter, Infra-Red Red Filter

The IR presets try to imitate the look of IR photos that were taken with different lens filters.


Selective Tab Sheet

The Selective tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under B/W Films above plus the following ones:

Impact -> All to ...

The Impact presets set all Impact sliders of the Expert method to a certain value.

Bright Sky, Bright Trees, Bright Skin, Dark Sky, Dark Trees, Dark Skin

These presets darken or brighten image areas that had a certain color in the original color image. For example the Bright Skin preset brightens orange image areas whereas the Dark Sky preset darkens blue image areas.



Colorize Tab Sheet

The Colorize tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under Color Toners and Split Color above.


Adjust Tab Sheet

The Adjust tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under Development and Paper Grade above.


Mask Tab Sheet

The Mask tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under Frame, ND Filters and Selective B/W above.


Soften Tab Sheet

The Soften tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under Diffusion Filters, Dark Mist and Vignette Blur above.


Grain Tab Sheet

The Grain tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under Film Grain above.


Lab Tab Sheet

The Lab tab sheet offers the local presets mentioned under Lab Effects above.