Selective Tab Sheet


The Selective tab sheet of Expert Mode offers two methods for selectively adjusting the brightness and contrast of image areas that had a certain color in the original color image. It can be used to fine-tune the result of the B/W conversion that is performed with the Convert tab sheet.



The Simple method offers seven sliders with the name of seven colors ranging from Red to Magenta. Slider values above zero increase the brightness of the image areas that have the same color in the original image. Values below zero reduce the brightness. The Boost check box amplifies the effect of the seven sliders allowing you to achieve even stronger brightness changes.



The Advanced method offers more options for each color than the Simple mode. As a consequence you need to switch between the different colors by clicking on one of the color boxes. Additionally the Advanced method also offers two additional colors: Pink (for skin tones) and gray (for color-neutral areas). Each of these nine colors can be individually adjusted with four controls: three sliders and a hue bar.

The Brightness slider adjusts the brightness of the image areas with the same color in the original image. The Contrast slider does the same for the contrast of the appropriate image area. The Impact slider on the other hand controls the intensity of the color mask, which in turn influences the intensity of the brightness and contrast effect. Higher values produce a stronger effect. In this respect the Impact slider is a more elaborated version of the Boost check box of the Simple method, which represents Impact slider value of 50.

The hue bar displays as a color gradient which ranges from red to green to blue and finally to red again. It represents a continuos color circle, because the red color on the left and right side are identical. Below the hue bar are two arrows that are connected with a line. The arrows indicate which color range is currently targeted. If you switch to another color in the color box row above the hue bar, you can see that the two arrows will be repositioned to display the color range of the newly selected color. You can change this color range, e.g. to affect a larger image area, by dragging one of the arrows. If you drag an arrow beyond the left or right side of the hue bar, it will reappear on the other side. By dragging the line that connects the arrows or dragging directly on the hue bar between the arrows you can move both arrows simultaneously and retain the size of the color range.

Please note that the adjustments of the hue bar are only subtle. For example, if you currently have the red color box at the top activated and drag the arrows towards the blue area of the hue bar, you won't be able to brighten the previously blue areas in the image. So if you want to adjust the blue image areas, please activate the blue color box and repeat your adjustments.