Expert Mode


Expert Mode is the most sophisticated mode of ColorStyler. It offers the combined effects of all other modes and even more. All adjustments that you make in the other modes will be visible in this mode. Expert Mode lets you fine-tune them even further, because it offers the most possibilities.


Tab Sheets

Expert Mode consists of two tab controls with four tab sheets each. Each tab sheet offers different effect and adjustment methods that can be selected from a Method combo box. For more information, please read the following pages: Convert Tab Sheet, Selective Tab Sheet, General Tab Sheet, Colorize Tab Sheet as well as Mask Tab Sheet, Soften Tab Sheet, Grain Tab Sheet, Lab Tab Sheet.

Method Combo Boxes

All tab sheets offer a Method combo box (except for the General tab sheet) for choosing between different effect and adjustment methods. Each method offers two or more sliders and some methods also offer other controls, e.g. a color box. Methods are exclusive, which means that if you choose another method from the same combo box, the effect of the previous method won't be applied anymore. The only exception are the Vignette and Frame methods of the Mask tab sheet. If you activate the Lock check box for them, they will still be applied to the image even if you choose another Mask method.


Button Menus

Each of the eight tab sheets offers an arrow-down button for displaying a menu with local presets. These local presets set the sliders of a tab sheet to some predefined values for a useful effect. For more information please read the Local Presets page.