Key Shortcuts (Windows only)

ColorWasher lets you use a few key shortcuts for performing certain tasks. Some users usually prefer using key shortcuts as they help to achieve some tasks much faster.

Please notice: If the input focus is resting on a combo box or edit box, please additionally hold down the ALT key, otherwise the key shortcut will not work.

Here is a list of all shortcuts that can be used:

Ctrl and +
Increases the preview zoom ratio
Ctrl and -
Decreases the preview zoom ratio
Ctrl and 0
Set the preview zoom to Fit
Ctrl and 1
Set the preview zoom to 100%
Resets some controls to their default values
(Windows only) Activates or deactivates the Auto Preview check box
H Activates the hand tool
Space Activates the hand tool (Only if the mouse cursor is located over the preview)
M Activates the sample area tool
I Activates the eyedropper tool
S Activates the split view tool
Triggers the Auto1 button
Triggers the Auto2 button
Triggers the Auto3 button
Triggers the Auto4 button
Triggers the Auto5 button
Activates or deactivates the Neutral Mode
Displays the manual
B Displays an page with photos of the ColorWasher beta testers.