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Corrected with ColorWasher

This photo looks quite fine at first glance.

But after correcting it with ColorWasher you notice that there was a blue cast and that the contrast wasn't perfect.

As this image was taken indoors at artificial light it has a relatively strong yellow cast. ColorWasher manages to perfectly restore the colors. The table cloth looks nicely white and the skin of the old people look good again. Even the mortar in the wall is gray as it should be.

I'm feeling so blue that I want to dance in the dark where nobody can see me... Why did ColorWasher switch on the light?
Do I really have yellow kitchen furniture? Aaah... I knew it was white!
Well, another one of these dark and foggy Golden Gate photos.
After some tweaking in ColorWasher the photo looks much more vital and vibrating!

This shot has a really bad green cast. The camera seems to have been confused by the lack of hues in the scene.

ColorWasher manages to make the wall white again. The grass at the bottom nevertheless remains nicely green.

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas .... but why is the snow in my garden so yellow? ColorWasher really saved my White Christmas.
What a nice picnic in Blue Forest. I guess they'll have to rename the forest now.
Cat at dawn. Nice shot. But ColorWasher brings more detail into the shadows, especially when additionally using the Shadows slider.
Night shots are really bad candidates for color correcting. Anyway we'll try...
Looks much better. ColorWasher removed the blue cast from the wall of the house and made the photo look more vivid.
Well, the idea for this photo was nice, but somehow it turned out too dark and green, because of the that weak fluorescent lamp that was the only light source.
ColorWasher instantly fixed the colors and made the hair details visible again.
A low contrast photo of the sea with a blue color cast...
... transformed into a nice golden before-sunset photo.




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