Dynamic Tab Sheet


The Dynamic tab sheet controls the dynamic contrast effect. The dynamic contrast effect can produce very dramatic contrast enhancements and emphasize a lot of details in the image.



The Arrow-Down Button

Clicking on the arrow-down button will display a menu with various local presets. These local presets are useful settings for the controls of the current tab sheet. Each tab sheet has its own arrow-down menu with different presets. Only the "Reset" option is the same. It sets the controls of the tab sheet to their default values.


The Intensity slider is only available in Dynamic Contrast mode. In Expert Mode it is replaced by the Dynamic slider on the Mix tab sheet. The Intensity adjust the intensity of the effect. A slider value of zero means no effect and a slider value of 100 applies the effect at full intensity.



The Detail slider adjusts the size of the details that are emphasized. Low slider values focus on large details in the image whereas high slider values bring out the contrast in small details. The slider value represents the number of sections that the image is divided into when processing it. So more sections means smaller details. It is basically the inverse of the Radius slider that is used by the adaptive and local effects.



The Strength slider may appear to work similar to the Intensity slider, but it does that a bit different. By default it is set to a value of 50. Lower slider values can help to reduce noise that was made more visible by the dynamic contrast effect. If the Details slider has a low value, increasing the value of the Strength slider above 50 may not produce a much stronger effect.



The Variation slider actually blend with a second dynamic contrast effect which usually produces an even stronger effect and may create artifacts on bad quality images. At a value of zero the normal dynamic contrast effect is used, at a value of 100 the second dynamic contrast effect is used and at a value of 50 both effects are applied with equal intensity. Basically you should only use this slider if you want an even stronger effect.


Highlights, Shadows

The Highlights slider darkens the highlights at higher slider values and brightens them at lower slider values. The Shadows slider on the other hand brightens the shadows at higher values and darkens them with lower values. Both sliders adjust the highlights and shadows using the dynamic contrast algorithm, so they are dependent on it.