Info Tab


The Info tab shows information that is not essential but which may be helpful in certain circumstances.

Show Blown Highlights

If the Show Blown Highlights check box is active, a line pattern will be displayed over highlight areas that were cut. Additionally a percent value in the label of the check box which indicated the percentage of blown highlights. This feature doesn't show and count blown highlights that were already present in the image before you started ContrastMaster. So it only indicates problems that was created by a too strong ContrastMaster effect.

The Color Box

When moving the mouse over the preview the color under the cursor is displayed in the color box of the Info tab sheet. Additionally the color is shown as RGB and HSL values. The Xand Y values represent the image coordinates at which the color was picked.

Bottom Lines

The two lines at the bottom of the Info tab sheet show the image size in pixel and the channel bit depth. The second line only appears in the Standalone/Lightroom version and names the color space of the image or shows "No Profile" if no profile was embedded in the image file.