Saturation Tab Sheet


The Saturation tab sheet lets you adjust the saturation of the image. As most contrast effects in ContrastMaster slightly desaturate the image, it is important to adjust saturation accordingly.


The Arrow-Down Button

Clicking on the arrow-down button will display a menu with various local presets. These local presets are useful settings for the controls of the current tab sheet. Each tab sheet has its own arrow-down menu with different presets. Only the "Reset" option is the same. It sets the controls of the tab sheet to their default values.


The Method combo box determines what method is used for adjusting the saturation. The "Normal" option uses the standard method of saturation adjustment. The "Median", "Luminance" and "Average" options offer variations of the normal method. The remaining six options have the name of some colors and adjust saturation based on the various color channels.


The Saturation slider is set to a default value of 10 to compensate for the saturation loss of the contrast effects. For some portrait photo you may need to set the value to zero to achieve a natural skin color. A value of -100 of the Saturation slider turns the image to black and white whereas a value of 100 extremely saturates the image.

Sat. Mask

The Sat. Mask slider lets you weaken the saturation in image areas with a higher saturation. So it allows you to increase saturation in image areas that are less saturated while keeping saturated areas from getting oversaturated.