Split Views


The various Split View options let you compare various sharpness settings and apply them. The Split View options split up the preview into two or five stripes that show the original and corrected version or various sharpening intensities.

The Multi Check Box

If the Multi check box is activated, each split view stripe displays the same image section. This makes it very easy to compare the different settings. To make another image section visible right click on the preview and drag. If the Multi check box is deactivated, different effects will be applied to different image sections and the image will be fully displayed in the preview.

Left, Right, Bottom and Top View

These four split views let you compare the original image with the modified version side by side. The corrected image will be displayed on the left, right, top or bottom in the preview as the names indicate. Unlike the other split views, you can't select anything by Shift clicking.

Split View "Sharpen Vert." with deactivated Multiple check box
Split View "Sharpen Vert." with activated Multiple check box

The Sharpen, Edges and Surface Views

The other split views let you compare five different sharpening settings as well as apply the settings of one of them. The effect of the five settings is displayed as vertical or horizontal stripes on the image. The middle stripe displays the current setting while the other ones display variations of the current setting in -/+ 50% steps. The outer left or top stripe displays the original image. The outer right or bottom stripe displays a sharpening effect that is double as strong as the currently used one.

These six split view options consists of three pairs. The Sharpen options sharpen show variations of both edge and surface sharpening. The Edges options offer variations of edge sharpening and the Surface options vary the surface sharpening.

To choose the sharpening values of one of the stripes, hold down the Shift key and click on it. Then Split View will be switched off and the chosen settings applied. It makes no sense to shift click the middle split view stripe, because it uses the same settings that are already used.