Split View

The various split views let you compare original image and result.

Using Left, Right, Bottom and Top View

These four split views let you compare the original image with the corrected version side by side. The corrected image will be displayed at the left, right, top or bottom as the names indicate.

To move the separation line between the two versions, activate the split view tool and drag on the preview. If you have Instant Preview from the Prefs tab sheet activated, the effect of moving the separation line will be immediately visible.


The Multi Check Box

The Multi check box only work in combination with the Split View options. If it is activated you will see the same image content in each split view area. With the split view tool activated, you can click on the prreview to display a different part of the image in the split areas. If the Instant Preview check box from the Prefs tab sheet is active, you can alternatively drag with the split view tool over the preview to make it scroll. If Instant Preview is switched off, it makes no sense to drag, because you won't see anything moving.

There is one things that you should also know about Multiple mode. If you activate the Multiple check box in Virtual Studio (Pro) mode, the spot crosses will disappear and you will not be able to edit the spots. To edit the spots or add new ones you need to deactivate the Multiple check box.