Special Controls



When running NoiseControl for the first time, you start in Easy Mode. If you don't have much knowledge about noise reduction or are not familiar with NoiseControl, it might be a good idea to work some time in Easy Mode. If it becomes too restricting for you, switch to Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode contains all available options and lets you experience NoiseControl's full potential.

Easy Mode

In Easy Mode you only have two tab sheets. The auto options are fully available (except two Preserve check boxes), but there are only four manual controls, which still allow you to adjust the most important parameters.

For more detailed explanations, please read the Auto Tab page and Manual Tab pages.


Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode features all controls that are available in NoiseControl. With its five tab sheets it may be a bit complex for novices, but advanced users will prefer it.

For more details, see the following pages: Auto Tab, Manual Tab , Tone Tab, Color Tab and Enhance Tab.