Features & Facts

Plugin Commander (better known as PiCo) is a tool designed to organize your Photoshop-compatible plugins, Adobe Premiere and After Effects plugins, your Paint Shop Pro materials and many other plugin and file types. It also allows you to create your own Filter Factory plugins, convert between different plugin formats, batch process image files, manage files, to view and edit images and much more.

PiCo can be used as a complementary tool with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Jasc Paintshop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint and many other applications that support plugins. However you can also use PiCo without them.

This is the Plugin Commander 1.5x Pro Edition feature list:

Organize your Plugins and other Add-ons
Preview Plugins and Images
Edit your Images in the Picture Editor

Batch Process Images

Convert between different Filter Factory Plugin Formats

Archive your Filter Factory Plugins

  • Store your Filter Factory plugins inside FFL files with a compression ratio of up to 200:1
  • Search function for finding certain filters within FFL files
  • Convert FFL files back to plugins
Create your own Plugins with the Filter Factory Editor

File Management

Flexibility & Speed

  • Multithreading for doing different tasks at the same time
  • Accelerated plugin recognition by caching
  • Fast preview of Photoshop-compatible plugins through caching
  • Menu lists for quickly swapping folders, preview images and for starting external applications


Limitations of the free Plugin Commander 1.x Light Edition

Minimum Requirements


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