The Overwrite Dialog


The Overwrite dialog will appear every time Plugin Commander tries to create a file which already exists. In such a case the following dialog will appear:

The dialog asks you if you want to overwrite the existing file. As a small hint the size and date of the existing file that would be overwritten is displayed. This should help you to decide if the existing file should be overwritten or not. For commands like Copy and Move the size and date of the source file will be displayed as well.

You have five different buttons to tell Plugin Commander what to do. Pressing the Overwrite button will overwrite the displayed file, pressing the Ignore button won't overwrite it. But in both cases the Overwrite dialog will appear again, if another file has to be overwritten. On the contrary the Overwrite All button will tell Plugin Commander to overwrite all files that still have to be processed and Ignore All won't overwrite any files. In both cases the Overwrite dialog won't appear again before all files are processed. Finally pressing the Cancel button will abort the whole operation and stop all file processing.



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